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Why Green Property Management?

Your keys are in good hands

Here’s how we make sure your property yields the best possible results


We have separated the role of a single property manager into three specialised roles dedicated to our client’s investment property. Where one property manager would manage up to 300 individual properties, attempt to fill vacancies, respond to tenant enquires, process applications and conduct mandatory inspections, it results in poor service for owners and constantly changing property managers. 


In view of the excellent performance, I – being a fully satisfied client – highly recommend your services to anyone in need of reliable and professional property management.

Erich Weinkoetz


Access to our Investment Specialists

We believe that GREA is the only agency to offer clients a specialised investment team. They are the experts within residential and commercial investment properties, watching market trends and analysing strategies to maximise return on investment.

Access to our Dedicated Leasing Agents

We give our clients access to dedicated leasing agents. They are concentrated on efficiently filling vacancies and effectively executing rent maximisation strategies formulated by the investment specialists.

Access to our Experienced Property Managers

With a significant portion of their responsibilities specialised, it gives our client’s confidence that their property is protected by our experienced property managers. They are purely focused on conducting the highest quality reports and the day-to-day maintenance to best protect our client’s property. All our property managers get capped at the number of properties they manage to ensure we are continuously delivering the highest level of service.

Every morning our Investment Specialists holds a meeting with our leasing agents and property managers to discuss vacant properties, news and announcements which could have the potential on impacting our owners. Within the discussion, we evaluate strategies based on research and experience to best protect our client’s asset and ways to maximise their return on investment. This is where we will communicate with our client about the most up to date news surrounding their property and our general advice on strategies to capitalise on maximising rent.

Green Real Estate Agency has been serving the community for over 20 years and strives to give client’s a service that is truly unique to any other agency. We are constantly improving the model of property management and the goal is to create a service where investors can truly rely on and trust the service Green Real Estate Agency provides.