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West Ryde


West Ryde is an extension of Ryde, which was named after the "Ryde Store", a business run by G.M. Pope. He adopted the name from his birthplace of Ryde on the Isle of Wight, UK.


West Ryde is home to a busy commercial area, based around Victoria Road and West Ryde railway station.West Ryde Marketplace is a medium sized shopping centre featuring a Woolworths supermarket, specialty shops and West Ryde Public Library. Nearby, there are also various restaurants and cafes. Since the new centre opened in 2005, it diverted many people from the ageing Top Ryde Shopping Centre, which subsequently closed and has now been redeveloped.

West Ryde Railway Station

The railway station in West Ryde was advertised as Ryde Railway Station up to 1936 and this was a source of contention until October 1945 when, after reiterated requests, the name was finally changed from Ryde to West Ryde. It was one of seven stations that were on the single line track from Strathfield to Hornsby when it opened in 1886, and one of only two that were built of brick.

Ryde Pumping Station

The Ryde Pumping Station is a significant landmark of West Ryde. The old station was built in 1892 and the present station opened in 1921. In 1908, the old station switched to steam turbines, a first for the Sydney Water Board, and possibly for Australia. It ceased operation in 1930 and was demolished in 1961. Today, the Ryde Pumping Station is fully electrically operated and supplies water to many Northern Sydney suburbs. It is the largest water pumping station in Australia.


West Ryde railway station is on the Northern railway line of Sydney's CityRail network. Trains to the city run every 15 minutes in peak times and every 30 minutes in off-peak times.
A bus interchange sits adjacent the station with services of 501, 520, 523, 524, 534 and 543.


The domestic architecture of the suburb largely consists of homes on quarter-acre blocks displaying typical Australian architectural styles such asFederation houses andCalifornian Bungalows.
In the past, West Ryde was a working-class suburb which was home to many factories, especially towards Meadowbank. However, the factories of the past are slowly succumbing to demolition, and the newly constructed waterfront apartments are taking their place. With views of Parramatta River and Sydney Olympic Park, the suburb is growing with affluence.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Ermington Public School
Marsden High School
Marsden Intensive English Centre
Melrose Park Public School
West Ryde Public School

Area of Sydney

Northern Suburbs


Over 11,000


City of Ryde


16 km north-west of Sydney CBD


West Ryde occupies most of the land between the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers and is bisected from west to east by one of Sydney's busiest roads, Victoria Road. It is crossed north to south by another main road, Lane Cove Road, and is skirted on the north-west by the M2 Hills Motorway and Epping Road.

Traditional Land Owners

At the time of the arrival of Europeans at Sydney Cove in January 1788, the Wallumedegal or Wallumede were the traditional owners of the area and they called it Wallumetta.

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