The following information has been prepared to assist you when vacating the property you have been renting through this office.

Please note that we cannot inspect the property until you have removed all belongings and have returned the keys. Any keys given to friends or relatives should also be handed back.

We ask that before the Final Inspection you:

  • Ensure that our office has your new forwarding address and phone number.
  • You pay your rent until the vacating date in cash or by automatic payment.
  • Return all keys to this office including letterbox keys.

Important Note

  • Disconnect the power/electricity & gas
  • Disconnect the telephone
  • Redirect mail address

Attendance to the following matters prior to our inspection will save considerable time and prevent unnecessary delays in returning your bond:-


  • The oven and griller is to be cleaned, drip trays to be cleaned of all grease
  • Range hood to be cleaned including filters
  • All cupboards, shelves, drawers and benches to be cleaned inside and out (don’t forget the tops of the cupboards)
  • Sink taps and disposal unit to be cleaned
  • Walls and tiled areas to be free from grease
  • All benches and floors to be cleaned and free from grease
  • The dishwasher is to be left clean, wipe over internal door and remove debris from bottom drainer
  • Any appliances should be cleaned, switched off at the wall and doors left ajar

General – All Rooms

  • All exhaust fans throughout property to be cleaned, air vents dusted
  • Venetians to be washed thoroughly
  • Flyscreens to be removed carefully and hosed or brushed to remove dirt/dust (where possible)
  • Windows, window tracks and sills to be cleaned thoroughly
  • Doors and doorframes to be left clean and undamaged
  • Marks to be removed from walls with sugar soap
  • Cobwebs to be removed from ceilings cornices and walls
  • All lightfittings to be cleaned and free from insects
  • All floors and skirting boards to be washed
  • All ceiling fans throughout to be free from dust
  • Clean all mirrors throughout including wardrobe door mirrors
  • Curtains to be washed or dry cleaned according to fabrics
  • All vertical blinds strings to be attached and secure
  • All items on inventory to be accounted for


  • Shower recess to be scrubbed
  • Grouting to be free of all soap residue or mildew
  • Shower curtain (if applicable) to be washed and shower screen to be cleaned
  • All plugholes are to be cleaned (soaps removed from holders)
  • Mirrors to be wiped over
  • All drawers and vanities to be cleaned
  • Toilet to be cleaned thoroughly, including bowl, seat & cistern
  • Ceiling mould should be removed
  • Laundry
  • Dryer filter to be cleaned out
  • Clean under laundry tub and clean plughole
  • Cupboards to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out
  • Exhaust vents to be clean and free of lint

Pest Control

If pets have been kept on the premises, then property should be professionally pest controlled and carpets professionally steam cleaned for fleas inside and out and a receipt produced to our office


Carpets are to be professionally cleaned and a carpet receipt produced. Please note: If you choose not to use our offices’ recommended carpet cleaner you could be liable to have the carpets re-cleaned should they not meet our standard of cleanliness.

Outside Areas

  • Lawns to be mowed and edges trimmed (clippings not to be dumped in garden beds or behind sheds)
  • Flower beds and gardens to be weeded
  • No rubbish to be left in the gardens or around the property
  • All garbage bins to be emptied and cleaned
  • Driveways, carports, garages and any concrete areas to be free from oil or grease stains
  • Garage floor to be swept and cobwebs removed
  • Cobwebs to be removed from outside eaves, awning and ceilings (where applicable)
  • Pool and spa to be cleaned, vacuumed and at the correct pH factor
  • Pool equipment to be in accordance with ingoing condition report


Damage that occurs due to the tenants neglect will be rectified at the tenants cost.

Please note that rent is due and payable until all keys are returned.