First steps

Changing Address

Ensure that you let financial organisations, road departments and other important bodies know of your change of address.

Contact Details

Once your new contact details are available like a landline phone number and postal address, (if different from your residential rental property address) please email these details to us at [email protected].


Should you wish to copy keys, it is important to note we will need back all keys given to you at tenancy start, and also all extra copies created during your tenancy period. If you wish to change the locks during your tenancy, you are required to get permission and are obligated to provide us with a full new set of keys for property access.

Payment and Lodgement of Your Bond

Your bond will be lodged with the Office of Fair Trading and you can expect confirmation from them indicating your lodgement number.

Property Condition Report

Please ensure that you return your signed/amended copy of your property condition report to us within 7 days of the tenancy start date. If this is not returned, please be aware that the original inspection will be used for end of tenancy comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not.

Tenant Content Insurance

It is crucial that you have your own tenant contents insurance!

It is important to note that should your goods be damaged or destroyed by circumstances affecting the owner’s property (i.e. fire, storm damage, power outages etc.), then your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner.

You need to ensure that all your goods are adequately insured and the owner/agent will not be liable for damaged or destroyed tenant possessions. Fire damage to your possessions is not covered by the owner’s building or landlord insurance. You need to ensure you have adequate tenant contents insurance.

Getting Started — What You Must Do First

Utility Connections

It is your responsibility to have the electricity, gas and telephone connected prior to moving in. Sufficient notice should be given to allow connection to be effected. These services must be connected in your name.

Power, Gas & Telephone
Energy Australia – 131 535 AGL – 131 245

Telephone & Internet
Telstra – 132 200 Optus – 133 345

Important Condition - Intact Telephone Line

If there is no telephone line connected to the premises, the cost of supplying that connection is borne by the applicant for the telephone service. The tenant agrees to leave in the same manner of connection or operation, any telephone service installed in the premises at the commencement of the agreement.

Wanting us to get you connected?

Would you like to reduce the hassle and time it takes you to move home? Direct Connect offers a FREE service to connect your new home’s utilities and provide a full range of moving solutions. With just one call, Direct Connect can have your new home connected and all your moving solutions arranged.

Is there a catch? There is no catch. They are free, there are no obligations, and there are no contracts unless you choose to enter into one. They are paid a commission by their suppliers to get you connected!

Direct Connect offers a wide range of services to help you move from your old property into your new home. Their services include electricity, gas, telephone, internet, pay TV, insurance, removalists, truck hire & cleaning. Ask us for an application and advice on how to fill in the Direct Connect section of the form. You can also apply online at

Telephone and Internet — Important Condition

Telecommunications Services — The availability of telephone/fax lines, internet services, analogue, digital or cable television (and the adequacy of such services) are the sole responsibility of the tenant and the tenant should make their own enquiries as to the availability and adequacy of such services. The landlord does not warrant that any telephone/fax plugs, antenna sockets or other such sockets or service points located in the premises are serviceable or will otherwise meet the requirements of the tenant, and the tenants must rely upon their own enquiries.

Possession Granted

Please note that possession will be granted once the following has been fulfilled.

  1. Tenancy Start Date – your tenancy start date has commenced, as per your tenancy agreement
  2. Rent – your initial rent has been received by our agency
  3. Bond – your full bond payment has been received by our agency
  4. Keys Issued Early — It is important to note we are unable to issue keys early, or grant access to the property any earlier than the allocated tenancy start. An example of this is where access to the property is required to move boxes into a garage or bedroom to get the moving process started earlier, or a removal truck company requires access a couple of days earlier. Under all circumstances we cannot issue any keys earlier than the start date of the tenancy, for legal and security reasons.